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1) Building Business Credit!

Building business credit is vital to the growth and success of a small business.

A big reason why small businesses fail is slow cash flow. With good business credit you could defer your vendor payments for 30, 60 or 90 days, this could make a huge difference.

Having a strong business credit file with the three major business credit agencies is vital to getting loans for your company. Initially, being focused on your personal credit is only half of your foundation when it comes to obtaining business loans, vendor trade lines, and business credit cards. Thereafter, establishing new business lines of credit can be accomplished without your personal credit even being a factor, because your business credit is so strong.

It is entirely possible to establish $50,000 of business credit in six months or less. Our certified business coaches and one of a kind web based software system puts all the pieces together and by simply following the steps, and guidance from your coach, you will build powerful business credit.


Our Testimonials


I was quickly approved for business financing and was able to get money to start my new franchise. Thanks for the help! Adam Thomas, Salt Lake City, UT


You're the best! You got me approved for funding even when my personal bank turned me down due to bad personal credit. Dorothy Lowell, San Luis Obispo, CA

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We can help you obtain funding for your business through over 2,1000 funding sources and help build business credit which requires no personal guarantee or credit check to qualify.